• Mice Control in Minnesota

    Common Pests

    House mice and deer mice are common pests in our Minnesota homes. They live around the exterior of your home where food is plentiful — in gardens, flowerbeds, bird feeders, pet dishes, etc. These mice can invade your home through exceptionally small holes. Once these pests are inside the outer skeleton of your house, they can freely move around using electrical wiring, plumbing lines, gas lines, sewer lines, and many other openings inside the walls. They can also climb wooden siding and stucco quite easily, and are capable of chewing through wood and drywall.


    They really try to get inside your home in the Fall as our temperatures drop since your home is nice and warm. Mice can cause a lot of damage by chewing on wiring, they carry a number of diseases, and their dander is a leading cause of asthmatic reactions in small children. Once mice break the treaty by invading your home the only answer is to call Westside Pest Solutions.

    Your Rodent Control Professional

    The first step in the exclusion program is an interview with the homeowner detailing the history of the mouse problem. Your information about the infestation in your home can be very helpful in identifying the source of the problem and in determining what role you can play in solving the problem. After the initial interview the technician will perform a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home to locate any holes mice are using to enter your home. These entry points can be around Air Conditioner condenser lines, plumbing or electrical lines, around window frames, under siding, holes in concrete, eaves, cement porches, and many more.

  • Having been in the business since 1975, these years of experience give us the upper hand over pests when it comes to solving the problem. Entry points are permanently sealed with professional grade materials. If we locate any structural problems with the home that we cannot seal those areas will be pointed out to the homeowner for further action. Homeowners are responsible for making inaccessible areas such as decks or porches available for inspection.

    Mouse Holes Are Usually Very Small

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  • Mouse Traps

    Mouse control devices will be placed inside the home to eliminate trapped mice. Options include snaptraps and bait stations. Homeowners are responsible for removing trapped mice and resetting traps. Most mouse populations will be eliminated in two weeks or less.


    Mouse exclusion treatments are normally guaranteed for six months. Our technicians are committed to solving your rodent problems and will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today.

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