• Wasp Control in Minnesota


    Westside Pest specializes in the control of bees, wasps and hornets. We have the knowledge, chemicals and specialized tools that are not available to the general public. Most full service pest control companies have very little experience with bees, wasps and hornets. Our pricing is competitive and in most cases, we can quote the fee before we come out to your home.

    Bee and Wasp Types

    Honey Bee

    Yellow Jacket

    Bald-Faced Hornet

    Paper Wasp

    Bumble Bee

    Mining Bee

    Mud Dauber

    Cicada Killer

    Carpenter Bee


  • Bee and Wasp Abatement

    A preventive service, but will continue to control the nesting of stinging insects for the entire season. This service is best performed in the spring to early summer as this is when most species are nest building. The technician will insert a chemical dust into cracks and crevices of your home. Popular entrance points for bees and wasps are in soffits, eaves, under siding and openings around electric and plumbing lines.

    One Spot Treatment

    Exterminate individual nests and guarantee the removal of treated nests. Whether it is a visible nest or a nest hidden in a wall void, we guarantee that we will kill all treated nests. The nest will usually die within a few hours, but if the nest is still active after a day or two, simply call us and we will return at no charge.

  • Wasp Removal