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    Pest Management

    Preventable Service so the pests don't bother you.

  • Residential Pest Management Services

    Insect and rodent pests in your home are annoying, embarrassing, and may create an unsafe environment for you, your family, and your pets. Many of these pests can bite or sting you; spread diseases; damage your home and property; and contaminate your food. When pests break the treaty and invade your home or property, Westside Pest Solutions' highly experienced and trained technicians will solve these pest problems quickly, effectively, and economically.

  • One Time Pest Control

    One-Time Residential Pest Control Services

    We offer a Single Service or Targeted Pest Treatment option for homeowners who want a eliminate a specific pest in or around their home. We will perform this one-time service for most pests, but the most common are:


    Pantry Pests
    Carpenter Ants

    Boxelder Bugs
    Asian Lady Beetles

    Our Guarantee

    We offer a full 90-day Service Warranty on most one-time insect treatments and a 6-month Service Warranty on all Rodent Exclusion Services. All warranties are on the property and are transferable to new homeowners.

      Exceeding Your Expectations Extras Include:
    • Courtesy inspection of home for evidence of rodent infestation

    • Exterior inspection for evidence of insect pest issues

    • Spider web removal included with spider treatment


    If you just have questions, please give us a call. We’re always glad to help!

  • Seasonal Pest Control

    Seasonal Pest Protection Targeting Seasonal Pest Invaders

    The sharp swings in weather and temperature in Minnesota bring seasonal onslaughts of pests to our homes looking for places to live and multiply, or just a warm spot to spend some time with us. Our exterminators offer seasonal pest services to eliminate these seasonal pests from your home. No matter the season or the pest, they’re unwanted and unwelcomed and need to be kept out of your home — period!

    We offer Spring & Fall Treatment Programs designed to handle the toughest insect pests invading your home. Timing the treatment of seasonal pests is critical to achieving success. For this reason, our programs are designed around the pest biology. We’ll work with you to make sure our treatment fulfills your needs!

    These are the most common pests we include in our seasonal pest program and control with a Spring or Fall application, but we can design a program for just about any pest bothering you...


    Spring and Fall applications to the exterior of the home, plus the removal of cobwebs. This treatment is popular with cabin owners on lakes or heavily wooded lots.

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    The Spring treatment to the exterior of homes gives year-long protection against these tough pests. This treatment is directed to the base of your home, patios, walks, decks and driveways.

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    Boxelder Bugs  & Asian Beetles

    Exterior targeted treatments in the early Fall around the exterior of the house will prevent these pests from gaining entry.

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  • Year-Round Pest Control

    Service Coverage Designed to Guarantee Your Satisfaction & Peace of Mind

    Our Year-Round Pest Protection provides services on a quarterly basis. Services will be focused on establishing a barrier around the exterior of your home to deny insects and rodents entry to the interior of your home. Interior services will be provided as needed or requested.

    Exceeding Your Expectations Extras Include:
    • A service technician will inspect exterior of home and permanently seal all rodent entry points

    • Exterior rodent baiting stations included for tough rodent problems or homes with structural problems like decks, porches, landscaping, etc. limiting our ability to seal rodents out

    • Technician will remove all spider webbing around doors, windows, and eaves to improve the effectiveness of service and make your house pretty

    • Fall treatments to control seasonal pests such as Boxelder Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles

    • Spring ant & wasp preventative treatment

    • Wasp, Hornet, Bee nests eliminated as needed

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